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My love for gardens and gardening started at an early age. I was probably around 6 or 7 years old. My mom loved gardening, especially veggie gardens. We had a big field behind our house, a short walk through a bamboo patch. Mom would be out there rototilling the whole field it seemed. I can’t remember exactly what was grown, but I loved playing in the garden and helping out, throwing rocks out of the rows, planting seeds, picking veggies (at least the ones that the wood chucks did not get).


We moved a few times till we settled in York, Maine. Again we had a great veggie garden, but now I got to run the rototiller, plant the seeds, weed the beds, pick the veggies, and trap the varmints. I loved the garden and the love of the outdoors/playing in the soil.


My first landscaping job came in the form of mowing lawns at thirteen years old. A couple older boys from high school pulled me over while I was riding my bike home from school. They said “do you want to mow some lawns with us? We need some help.” I rode home, asked my mom and hopped in their truck. I had my first part time job! As soon as I turned sixteen and had a drivers license I started my own mowing business with my brother, (he was fourteen). We called it Noble Brothers Lawn Care. We started with maybe three lawns. By the time I was in college we had about sixty accounts, two trucks, two trailers, a bunch of mowers, weed whackers, blowers, etc. It was a real job. We had changed the name to Long Sands Landscaping.


Towards the end of college my brother and I decided to separate our business. I called my new business Noble Landscapes. At that point I was doing almost everything landscape related; Design, installation, and maintenance. I was big into brick pavers. I enjoyed installing walkways, patios and driveways. I still had about thirty mowing accounts which were full property maintenance accounts now. Spring and fall clean up, fertilizing, pruning trees and shrubs, planting annuals and perennials.


During this time I met a girl from Australia and started traveling with her. We moved from Maine to Idaho, and then to Australia, next was Breckenridge, CO, then back to Australia and New Zealand. Noble Landscapes and I tried to find a home at each of these places. Finally we settled down in Aspen, CO. It was not until moving to Aspen that I found the right place to start Noble Landscapes again.


Landscaping in Aspen has been wonderful. The weather is amazing, the soil is fertile and the people are a joy to be around. Although it also has challenges, such as long drives to get supplies, random snow storms and freezing temperatures in June. We have found our home. We now have two beautiful children born in Aspen, a new home in Aspen Village, and a growing business that I love to go to every day.


I hope I get the chance to help you make your landscape as beautiful as possible.

                                                                                                                                                 -Scott Noble (Owner & Founder)


Landscapes LLC.


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